Friday, January 18, 2013

January 18th

Friday January 18th Queenstown. It was another brilliant day to wake up to, NZ still amazes me, at every corner there is a postcard picture for the taking.
I wasn’t looking forward to today as it was the day we had the canyon swing booked it. I had failed to read the voucher correctly the night before and assumed we had between 9 – 12 to get the jump done. We were supposed to be at the jump pickup at 9.00am The phone with the navman failed again, it’s going in the bin when I get home, so we took a while to find the office for the canyon swing, we’d missed the bus, now those that understand vertigo may think I done this intentionally but I can assure you I didn’t. Anyway, after a bit of talking we managed to get the next bus out and we were on our way to the swing...... yay..... -___-
Before we go any further I have to tell you straight up I failed, it just simply terrified me, so I bailed, no if buts or maybe I just straight up said, no way, don’t even try to convince me otherwise, this ain’t happening. I’ll hand my man card in at customs next week, whatever just get me off this platform.
Now Jodi on the other hand just strapped up, clipped on and jumped off ....... twice... once forward and once backward, all this is on video and I will get it uploaded once we get some decent line speed. She screamed, swore and cursed so I’m not sure if Youtube will give the video an R rating or not but she seemed to really enjoy it...... She’s a legend ok, I’m not, I simply don’t give a f$%k ok. We cruised back into Queenstown around lunchtime and headed up to the gondola and luge and wasted a couple of hours luging up and down the mountain, this is way more up my alley than jumping off stuff, Jodi got sun burnt and had a continually bored look on her face but managed to find fear in the chair lift, it doesn’t figure to me, jump off a cliff Jodi, hell yeah, but ooo, arrrr the chair lift is so frightening it gives me pins and needles in the feet, seriously I find this women hard to figure out some days.
Jodi is looking to do a fair dinkum bungy the day before we head back, it will be this one
or Nevis. Apparently Nevis is the highest in the southern hemisphere. ( she just looked Nevis up on the net as I was typing, she’s not so sure now, we’ll see, she does appear to be a little deranged.. lol..). The harbour here at Queenstown is awesome, like everything else. We watched a bunch of 15lb rainbow trout getting fed and then jumped on a boat for a quick tout of the inner harbour, I’m pretty sure the local real estate agent sponsored this guy.
I saw the golf course you talked about Don, but I ran out of time to do a round today, maybe on Sunday or Monday after the jet boat ride. We are off to Te Anau tomorrow, we will book a heli tour for the morning and look at the Sounds and Glaziers and then take it easy tomorrow afternoon. Our lodgings.

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