Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 15th Napier to Picton

15th Jan Napier to Picton Napier was a great place, perfect room overlooking the beach but it was time to hit the road again. We grabbed a buffet breakfast in town at this place.
It was a pretty uneventful drive through rolling grazing country until we got to Featherston where we crossed the ranges before dropping down into Wellington.
We ended up sitting around the ferry terminal for too long and the longer we sat there the more anxious Jodi become, she can jump off tall building but ask her to take a 3 hour ferry ride and she’s a mess.
The further we got out of Wellington Harbour the rougher it got and people were dropping like flies, even some of the staff were hurling before we were too far off the coast.
The wind was roaring and the waves were crashing onto the highest windows, I thought it was awesome, I’d never been on a large boat in that kind of weather before. Glasses were smashing at the bar, hell my Canadian Club and Dry even took a dive off the table while I was out watching the waves. Jodi turned for the worst and joined the dying on the outer deck. Eventually the water began to calm as we pushed into the Malbourough Sound and headed towards Picton.
Jodi come good as the water was as flat as glass.
We were late into Picton, I grabbed the new hire car, a bloody Toyota Aurion ( I’d grown fond of my XR6), it was about 9.10pm when we booked into the room at the Mercure, I was informed that the dining room closed at 9.00am and there was no room service ????.. We headed up the three flights of stairs with no help on a rain soaked steel staircase wide enough for a pigeon and found our room, this room was something out of the early seventies......smelt a little like it too and I’m pretty sure the mattress and pillows were the original ones too, in summary it was a sh*thole. We found an Irish pub with a meal about 10.30pm and quickly ate our fill and headed back for a well earned sleep.

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