Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jan 16th Picton to Hokitika

16th Jan Picton to Hokitika I’d been looking forward to this drive and the one tomorrow from Hokitika to Queentown, the roads are a bit tiring as they seldom have straights for you to relax on but the jaunt from Blenhiem to Murchison was a blast today. Sunrise over Picton Port from the motel window, about all the Mercure at Picton had to offer.
I have no idea what these are, anyone ? They looked a little like agapanthus heads ?
There were wineries on both sides with irrigation fields where there were no grapes the scenery was amazing.
The further up the Wairau Valley we got the better the scenery become.
See the snow in the back ground. We’ll see a lot more of that tomorrow, hopefully the clouds will be gone by then too.
We eventually pulled up at Murchison and had a break.
Not far past Murchison was the Buller Gorge swing bridge, we stretched our legs here for half and hour and then got back on the road.
Hey Steve, found you a new excavator and truck while we were there.
The lodging at Hokatika are ok, it would be better if it wasn’t 13C and windy, it really is like winter here today.

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